Ohana Meetup

Ohana Meetup: the work revolution party is coming!

Only one day left for grabbing tickets and jumping into this unprecedented creation space! It is happening.
Tickets holders will receive the address of the venue next week, and then just 3 weeks to go.
Participants confirmed from 7 countries. We’re thrilled!

As you might have heard, all the info are here: OhanaMeetup.party. Yet, let us tell you about it a little bit. Keep reading!

The Ohana Meetup is an ecosystem enabler we’re offering to the whole tribe of professionals, game-changers, change agents, passionate people evolving the world (of work).

Why an Ohana meetup?
We’ve been working in the evolution of work long and deep enough to know that nobody owns it. It belongs to all of us. It is our responsibility, our passion. It depends on our ability to coalesce, to recognize we are a living ecosystem. We want to help nurture it and, for this reason, we are offering the Ohana Meetup as an enabler for this to happen, an ecosystem enabler.

Any valuable professional actively evolving the way work is conceived and practiced needs to know we’re coming together.

Bringing your passion and the experience in the Ohana meetup is the best thing to do. If you share it’s vision, just be there with the tribe.

It will be a 2 days journey.
The first day we’re going to get to know each other and what we’re up to. We’ll rely on Open Space Technology for this to happen while co-learning and coalescing. The second day we will dive into the core of the revolution, holding the space, nurturing the ecosystem and challenging each other with a few co-selected provocations. Then, at the end of the second day music will take over, and it’s gonna be our saturday night party together.

Join the party!


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