Presenting the X-Courses

Building on the fire we’ve seen burn when the learning process meets experiences, passion and knowledge sharing, we are launching the X-Courses and we are eager to hear your feedback.


We’ll be short here, keeping the door open for those who want to have a chat together.


The X-Courses are meant for those organizations that want to increase awareness on complex issues, learning about effective tools and techniques that can be applied in their own contexts. They are designed for those who have – formally or not – a decision-making role: people who are committed to drawing trajectories, turning decisions into actions and actions into concrete effects. They will follow an experiential approach through which the participants can dive into the specific domain of the course. Moreover, if they want, they’ll be able to take part in the building of a community among companies and organizations for exploring and sharing insights about the evolution of work.


The first X-Courses will take place in Rome, in our HQ, during the first half of July, and they are:

  • Reaping the benefits of business agility: Emergent Leadership unleashed with Stelio Verzera, Emanuele Quintarelli and Letizia Piangerelli
  • Organizing for complexity and variability: adaptive organization design at work with Stelio Verzera
  • The exponential advantages of creating value at large: reloading strategy with the Ecosight framework with Stelio Verzera
  • Working beyond buzzwords: making the most out of agile with Emanuele Rapisarda
  • Il CORE² per lo sviluppo della reputazione operativa di professionisti e organizzazioni with Claudia Pellicori


In order to have the best experiences and the highest value with the X-Courses, we would love to hear from you what attracts you in this first proposal, or your suggestions and feedbacks.


If reading this page something resonates with you, let’s get in touch.

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Let’s keep learning together.

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