Reaping the benefits of business agility:
Emergent Leadership unleashed.

In a time of higher market turbulence, mounting consumer pressure and global competition, most organizations are launching themselves into a never-ending sequence of shorter and more frequent transformation cycles.

Whether the driver is digital, agile, artificial intelligence or some other hot trend of the moment, such initiatives are often aimed to revamp technological systems, business processes and organization design in search of more agility, improved levels of efficiency, a better strategic position or stronger revenue streams.

Unfortunately, none of such outcomes can be achieved unless the change in the formal setup is accompanied with, and possibly guided by, a much deeper and more complex evolution of the human dynamics underpinning them.

Think about how to inspire people, how to nurture day-by-day for their motivation, how to energize and coordinate work to increase employees’ satisfaction and company profitability. Processes and procedures can only go that far. The magic is unleashed through a multitude of more subtle and still more impactful exchanges happening at the intersection of human dimensions such as passion, trust, responsibility, mastery, transparency and autonomy. Each and every action a manager does impacts all of them. It is at their crossroad that natural and emergent leadership sprouts from the energy of human systems, overtaking the static concept of leadership as positional power.

Whether you are looking to achieve your sales target or to leap forward in your market, questions such as those below become central:

  • How to turn strategic direction into a purpose that resonates with each team and individual?
  • How to empower each and every group to design and constantly revise its own way of working accordingly to its goals and responsibilities?
  • How to relieve managers from tedious, ineffective and disengaging micro-control tasks and instead transform them into coaches and catalyzers for their colleagues?
  • How to unleash the natural energy of human systems in the form of emergent leadership?
  • How to experiment with more transparent information and knowledge flows?
  • How to create a safe space where employees can bring all of themselves to the job?
  • How to see work as a constant opportunity for people growth and fulfillment?

Facing the real depth of these questions requires an entirely new perspective rooted in the knowledge of what an organization can be today. Free from the idea of domination and control, a mindset of invitation and appreciation lets the efforts of many coalesce as one.

“Wave Riders are curious people possessed of an innate capacity to go with the flow, constantly seizing upon opportunity when others see no possibility or even disaster.
And they bring a special gift — Leadership. Their passion and responsibility for a cause inspire others to make common cause. Not by domination and control, but through invitation and appreciation, the efforts of many coalesce as one.
Although there may be many mis-steps, mishaps, and false starts along the way, when The Wave comes it can be the experience of a lifetime.
We live in a self-organizing world, even if we didn’t know it, and we have practiced the art of Wave Riding, albeit in secret.”

Harrison Owen

In this X-Course we’ll literally play with these concepts, in order to deeply understand them, building them up so to be concrete and relevant to our professional lives.

We are going to achieve this by using hands-on techniques such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, leveraging on decades of studies in the fields of cognitive sciences, neurobiology, management, strategy and more. The whole 2-days journey will, in fact, be based on experiential iterations in which the theoretical background always follows direct experience and reflections.

These are the main topics we will explore together:

  • Complex adaptive systems and the evolution of human systems.
  • Self-management and adaptive organizations.
  • Deliberately Developmental Organizations
  • The epistemology of leadership.
  • Leadership approaches over the evolution of organizations.
  • The Evolution Space and the Law of Requisite Variety.
  • Socio-technical systems principles.
  • The role and tools of the facilitator-manager.
  • Co-creation and the usage of full human potential.
  • Holistic coaching and peer-coaching.
  • Motivation approaches and research.
  • Unconscious knowledge and its usage in everyday work.

We will explore and co-learn about how to manage in adaptiveness and for agility, how to craft questions in the deep research of full potential for the people in an organization, how to generate and evolve a safe space in which others can reach their work goals, how to lead energy flows in a dynamic organization. All in all, you will dive into the whys and the hows of managing work and leading people in today’s cutting-edge organization.


•     •     •


It will be a 2-days journey with Stelio Verzera, Emanuele Quintarelli and Letizia Piangerelli.

The language will likely be English, but if all the participants will be Italian or Spanish it will be held in their native language. Let us know if you are interested, so to understand as soon as possible which scenario will be.

This X-Course is for you especially if you are:

  • A manager within an organization in strong structural evolution.
  • Working in an organization applying agile methodologies.
  • Willing to take into account the people-factor in your digital transformation.
  • Leading advanced operational teams working in complexity scopes.
  • Coordinating work units in a dynamic organizational setup.
  • A decision maker operating in a people-related scope.
  • An entrepreneur calling for a deep evolution in your organization.

This X-Course will be held publicly in different locations in autumn, and can be organized at your company premises, if desired.

The price for the 2 days is € 1.700 (VAT excluded).

If more than two persons from the same organization want to join, we are providing a special 20% discount.

To jump in or to ask for any information, contact us:


The X-Courses are meant for those organizations that want to increase awareness on complex issues, learning about effective tools and techniques that can be applied in their own contexts. They will follow an experiential approach through which the participants can dive into the specific domain of the course. Moreover, if they want, they’ll be able to take part in the building of a community among companies and organizations for exploring and sharing insights about the evolution of work.

Building on the idiomatic meaning of “in the ordinary course of business“, we developed the eXtraordinary Course of Business: experiences that take you out of the ordinary, allowing for a first step on a new journey.


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