ecosight workshop

The exponential advantages of creating value at large:
reloading strategy with the Ecosight framework

New thinking is emerging around systems working, platform strategies and eco-systems as many organisational leaders and designers struggle to help organisations connect and collaborate in an increasingly fast-moving and complex world. In this X-Course, we will explore together how we can design for our organisations and, at the same time, for their wider ecosystems, in fact evolving the very concept of strategy-making.

How can we find the sweet spot at the intersection between self-interest and a broader ecosystemic interest? Organisations are inherently part of non-linear networks of value-flows in an ecosystem with complex patterns of exponential dynamics and feedback. How can we shape and equip our organisations in a way that puts them in that sweet spot?

Beyond a limited org-centred perspective, design and strategy need to evolve to embrace a broader ecosystemic perspective. Through it, impact and performance evolve in meaning and practice. Focus evolves beyond customer-centricity. A new attention to ‘ecosystemic resonance’ arises as a form of both purpose and feedback at the same time.

This X-Course will use an experiential design cycle to draw from the experience and insights of participants working in and with ecosystems. We will explore and co-learn about the following aspects:

  • Understanding and awareness of what is an ecosystem and what sustains a thriving ecosystem. Learning how to craft your org’s ‘eco-model’ using the EcoSight Framework.
  • Developing your eco-strategy in accordance with your evolving organizational identity so to obtain exponential returns from the ecosystem.
  • Exploring how we can allow for knowledge, relationships, and resources to flow freely through organisations in a breathing exchange with the ecosystem.
  • Reflecting on how we can systematically design for volatile contexts and the unknown unknowns.
  • Understanding what ‘ecosystemic resonance’ is, and how to use it both as a powerful impact indicator and a deep feedback source.



“In the last couple of decades in the organizational world, we’ve lived an evolution from a quasi-linear system of mass dominance to an understanding of interconnectedness. It is already well digested that today’s markets are networks, with all the effects of having embraced this ontology, including the changes in tools, practices, and approaches that it has brought. In this decade, another evolution has gone mainstream, though. One that is taking us from a worldview of interconnectedness to one of interdependence. In fact, markets are much more than networks, they are ecosystems. This is another major shift and, again, a whole set of systemic tools and approaches are already helping this epistemology to bear its fruits, also in business. In the meanwhile, another wave of evolution in our collective consciousness is rising towards mainstream attention, which will include the organizational world. It is that of interbeing.”
From “Business in the Twenty-Twenties: raise your Ecosight” by Stelio Verzera.


This X-Course is geared for:

  • Entrepreneurs.
  • CEOs and General Managers.
  • VPs of Strategy and/or Marketing.
  • Heads of Division/Unit.
  • HR Directors.
  • Business Developers.
  • R&D managers.
  • Communication and PR managers.
  • Trailblazers and change makers.
  • People on Earth that care from deep within.


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It will be 1 day and a half with Stelio Verzera.
The language will likely be English, but if all the participants will be Italian or Spanish it will be done in their native language. Let us know if you are interested, so to understand as soon as possible which scenario will be.

This X-Course will be held in Rome on July 12th and 13th, and it will be confirmed within June 14th, as soon as the minimum number of participants will be reached.

Also, Stelio is available to organise this X-Course at your organisation premises, if desired.

The price for the 1-and-a-half days is € 850 (VAT excluded).
If more than one person from the same organization wants to join, we are providing a special discount.

To jump in or to ask for any information, contact us:


The X-Courses are meant for those organizations that want to increase awareness on complex issues, learning about effective tools and techniques that can be applied in their own contexts. They will follow an experiential approach through which the participants can dive into the specific domain of the course. Moreover, if they want, they’ll be able to take part in the building of a community among companies and organizations for exploring and sharing insights about the evolution of work.

Building on the idiomatic meaning of “in the ordinary course of business“, we developed the eXtraordinary Course of Business: experiences that take you out of the ordinary, allowing for a first step on a new journey.


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