Presenting the Choice Conference

It will be in autumn 2019, in Madrid.

The Choice Conference will be a space open to entrepreneurs, professionals, changemakers, academics, students, artists and anyone deeply caring for the evolution of the world of work and the role of business choices in shaping a better future.

We will be exploring, experimenting and co-learning around the ecosystemic implications of any choices in business, through a multidisciplinary lens and multisensory experience: dialogue spaces, technical workshops, inspirational talks, art performances.

I leave to various future times, but not to all, my garden of forking paths.
Jorge Luis Borges

Every day, we all face the need for taking important decisions. Choices about our way of working, our strategy, our presence in the markets. These choices build up into the ones we are making as a civilization, impacting the world at large. Concepts like sustainability, growth, performance, interdependence, impact are assuming a new meaning. New questions are emerging that entail deeper possibilities and broader responsibilities.

Answering these questions requires a new way of looking at them. It requires a trans-contextual and socio-technical understanding of what work is. From there, new practices will come, new tools, and new possible futures.

We believe this is needed right now.
This is why we are organizing the Choice Conference.

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The Choice Conference is coming and we’re eager to hear what you think about a few key points. In fact, we’d like to learn together since this very first step. Thus, if you’d like to be part of it, please let us know by filling this form:


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