People have the power.

im-mediaWhen problems arise in our Agency, i.e. obstacles to our work, we often focus on technological problems, or issues regarding tools and methods, or people.
Often we end up judging superficially what surrounds us because of our irresistible temptation to categorize what we still do not really know. Rather than being pleasantly curious about what’s new, we prefer to make judgments with the aim of “rejecting what’s new”.

Perhaps we should remember that knowledge is a seedling that needs to be continually watered, and that without passion and daily care, it will stop giving its results. This is why we should always be ready to question each day what we have learned.

What if the reason why we don’t question our knowledge is simply fear? In this era of sudden change, fear is a major obstacle for organizations and people who are dealing with new challenges and opportunities, as well as facing the same old problems. It is probably something atavic that, in the end, has brought human kind where it is today.

Our digital Agency (with the help of Cocoons’ people) has started a path that we know will be hard and long lasting and that will lead us to a continuous change (i.e. improvement).

We are working on our mindset, trying to get out from our comfort zone but, above all, we are experimenting something new. We are starting to use the following approach: “I’m not sure, but to improve this I could do this other, let’s try!”.

We understand that it’s crucial to neutralize the fear of making wrong decisions and cyclically analyze the results of it. These new “experiments”, if taken with careful and common sense (eg small targets in short terms), allow us to evolve quickly towards new production standards.
The experiments give us a great deal of information, which can be collateral and unexpected, but still very useful. For this reason, before starting, we choose relevant and measurable data to evaluate the results of a possible improvement.

Slowly we are abandoning the concept of the “position” of people, shifting our focus to their passion. We all have something close to our heart.
We are convinced that talented people have a great passion and, by virtue of it, also have a great sense of responsibility. It doesn’t matter what the job or position are. Everyone’s contribution is fundamental. Sometimes it is easier for people to find solutions in areas not properly belonging to them.

IM*MEDIA Change Path

Our Agency understood that the person’s expertise has much more value than its’job title.

Moving the focus on expertise it is possible to redirect decision making processes within organizations and companies (we are already testing it). Also testing new ideas and focusing on talented people allows one to move to more prosperous systems, better able to challenge so many unforeseen changes of the modern world.

People are the real driving force for change and we are working to ensure that their passions and responsibilities are always at the top.

So today we can better understand others, avoid endless meetings, identify wastes and opportunities coming from the changes of business processes. Thanks to this we are now able to focus on specific and major goals. We work better and our customers are happier.
Once all the non-relevant information is gone, and all the involved people are listened, this is when the perfect value can be reached.


This article was first published in our Cocooners N° 3


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