This Manifesto is intended as a summary of the few things that we consider really key.
This Manifesto is is constantly evolving as Cocoon Projects itself.
Below you can find version 1.0 that dates back to March 2012.



We believe in business models that are based on value creation. We think that innovation must increase life quality and experience. We spread the principles of respect, knowledge, experience and support. We are looking for ideas, projects and, especially, people who share this vision.



We trust open organizational models and we advocate for ideas sharing. We believe in cross fertilization between experiences though projects. We think that competition should be based on openness and confrontation, not on secrecy or isolation behind walls. We still see too many walls in the organizations we meet on our way.



We know how challenging it is to make ideas alive. We have worked with people from several different nations, people of all ages, coming from different life paths. Thus we have learned that respect is a basic rule for real teamwork. Transparency, punctuality, communication effort and, ideally, a nice big smile on your face: these things come from understanding and respect, in a team where everyone is unique.

For this reason, apart for the fact that we accept women on board, we have a quite precise rule of conduct (something like that).