What’s up by Alessandra Cianchettini

I want to tell you a story.
My first passion since I was 10 years old has been the gymnastics and when it was the moment to choose my job, I decided to become a gymnastics coach.

We trained for many years, among the others, some young girls. Everyday we learned something new growing up together and day by day, slowly, I saw the group turning into a team. The highlight of this beautiful path was when we decided to perform a blindfolded exercise.

Yes, they couldn’t see anything for 3 minutes while they shared the space moving and collaborating. The music, the energy and their breaths were the only things that led them.

When I’m thinking over the training aimed at the performance, I’m sure about one thing: the experience would not have been possible without trust. In each moment, every girl was responsible for herself and for the others and, at the same time, totally certain to be in a comfortable and protected space because they relied on the team.

When we work with people, we experience the same situation. We have a common goal but everyone takes care of a part of it. Often we don’t see the whole but if there is the trust in the team, we can let go the control and open the mind to new unexpected possibilities in order to achieve a bigger purpose.

Not understanding/seeing everything isn’t a limit, it is an opportunity. When we lack something, the other senses expand and new feelings appear.

To perform blindfolded wasn’t easy but it was amazing. Let go the control and nurture the trust!


This article was first published in our Cocooners N° 4


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