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When work rhythms are very high and we have to face emergencies and deadlines, it’s easy to overshadow our evolutionary path and then overthinking the time that we couldn’t preserve.
How can we manage work staffs and simultaneously devoting time to our growth? I heard about this dilemma so many times and I have been through it myself.

We all know very well that by improving ourselves, our team and organization will profit too.
Though putting ourselves above customers, deliveries and projects is still very hard to do.

I believe that if we align who we are and what we care with our work we can avoid all frictions and this is the only way to dispel wastes, as the two (energy) streams are pointing in the same direction.

Easier said than done!

In my opinion the development of operational reputation is the way, namely the focus on the only possible sustainable reputation which is based on what we have done and the experience gained by cooperating with other people.
It relies on our true skills and on the real contribution we can give to our community.
This is quite a long-running process, thus we have to invest time and energy in it and we have to be coherent and constant. Today this is one of the most powerful means to achieve major goals: to advance in full alignment with our identity, to be recognized by our community, to attract what we need, to create tangible value for us and others.

Operational reputation represents today one of the biggest chances for us to unleash our potential and to offer our unique contribution to the world.
And it is for this purpose, that is to support systematic and effective work of professionals and organizations that we designed CORE2 tool for lean reputation development.


This article was first published in our Cocooners N° 3


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