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I’d love to tell you a brief story.
When I graduated I felt the urgency to start to work, first of all to be economically independent and to demonstrate to my family that I could work successfully, but also to grow and become stronger in deciding about my life.

Soon I discovered that working wasn’t as I have imagined. Constraints, politics, injustice changed my first idea on the role of work and I sadly started to think that working was only a necessity. A necessity where I spent the most of my time!

Then I started to work in Cocoon Projects and everything changed. I started to decide about my evolution path and day after day my awareness grew and I saw my direction clearer. So I changed again idea on the value of work. I learned that finding your “element” means being open to new experiences and exploring new possibilities within yourself and in the world around you.

My dream became real: enriching myself by working, doing experiments in discovering new passions, meeting great people, and finally becoming a better person. My personal and work life are not two separate scopes anymore.

If you consider that you spend the major part of your day working, you know how much it is important for it to be a space for being yourself, feeling that you are useful and that you are creating value for you and for the others.

My call is this: let’s start to use the work to evolve. All the tools you need are there. Challenges, people, goals to fight your fears, to learn and create opportunities that will generate energy. I think that all life is energy, including work.


This article was first published in our Cocooners N° 2


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  1. Wonderful story!!!

    I miss you…

    See you soon,

    MICHELA DI BITONTO on 5 July, 2017 Reply

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