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During the last ten years, the world of work has been changing dramatically. The pyramidal structure of the XIX century idea of business has been flanked by osmotic systems where the boss is a distant memory and people, according to their competences and inclinations, can choose their role and their involvement at work, showing practically what they are able to do without job interviews or tests. Between these two distant extremes, there are thousands of shades that even nowadays can be more or less evident depending on the country and even on the region you observe. Definitively, among all the large and small changes of this tirelessly evolving, one of the most interesting is how the idea of work itself has changed, not as an action to do almost every day but as a place where each of us has to go. To get to work has always meant going to a precise place (an office, a shop, a public structure…) and staying there more or less eight hours before going back home.

Fortunately, something has changed in the last years and thanks to the progress of technology, people can sell everything they want using a smartphone on their favorite armchair or they can take part to an important meeting from a terrace in front of the sea simply using a tablet or a laptop. In a few words, it is possible to work almost everywhere. The benefits of this change are many: cost reduction and more productivity for the companies, less stress for people that could move physically even only once a week. For a worker this means more time for family (mum and dads thank) and personal interests, generally an higher quality of life and the possibility to work in the most comfortable place in the world: home.

This is one of the goals I love more of the agile work, because its positive influence is remarkable on many fields: economic, social and even environmental. It seems a dream but it is real life. Maybe, one day, could be everybody’s life.

We only need to want it firmly!


This article was first published in our Cocooners N° 2


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