What’s up by Emanuele Rapisarda

There is an important shift in the way people work and live together. A shift that is only a matter of awareness, because in its very nature it is well known by the human kind (even if not by every human).

I’m talking about the shift from ego-istic behaviours to eco-istic behaviours.
And it is not related to a quality of the person (there is not such a thing like “being an egoist”), but to complex interdependencies with the context that allow or not the rising of certain behaviours.

Everybody, and you can recognize it in yourself, sometimes acts selfishly and sometimes acts altruistically. It is perfectly fine and it is a good thing having both behaviours. But there is a third possibility, represented by what I called “ecoism”. Ecoism means deliberately acting for the advantage of the ecosystem(s) in which we live, not just for a personal benefit or an altruistic aim but because of a deep understanding of being at the same time an individual and the system itself. Even if it sounds like a very complex definition, everyone knows what it means to act ecoistically: think about a mother with her family. It is not egoism, it is not altruism, it is a deep feeling of uniqueness of her with her family.

I’m talking about it in many places and I’m going to write more extensively about this topic, but the point is: it is time to become aware of the power of our ecosystems, and we need to uncover our natural ability to work and to live in this complexity.

Ecoism is a first important step in this journey. The possible results are unknown but it’s definitely worth it.


This article was first published in our Cocooners N° 4


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