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Why should the world of business embrace a different perspective on life, I keep asking myself? Why should entrepreneurs and all decision makers change the guiding principles of their aims and decisions, taking in account the good of the broader work ecosystem, letting go of egotistic perspectives driven and perpetuated by the ideas of competition, strategy, conquer and dominance? And I have been asking this question around for quite a while now, as well.

There’s a double-bind that is becoming increasingly evident. It is that of having to survive in the status-quo and at the same time of knowing that in this way we are sacrificing a better world and possibly putting our own survival as a species at risk. Thinking in terms of bottom-line and shareholders’ interest, and not having to deal with what is released to the rest of the system as “externalities” is convenient in the short-term. And deadly in the long term.

Yet, there’s hope. I have found hope in the very path through these questions. I have learned that any double-bind bears within also a double-opportunity to overcome it. The key to that is making it both-and, instead of either-or: we have to nurture both opportunities as one. More specific to this issue, the key is meeting both self-interest and care for the broader ecosystem. Making them thrive together, so much that they are recognized as one and the same interest. Giving organizations tools and visibility to thrive on the exponential dynamics that the ecosystem can provide them when resonating, and at the same time making them see and nurture the multiple interdependencies they have with the ecosystem itself.

There is hope. And a lot of work to do.
I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.


This article was first published in our Cocooners N° 6



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