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I wish you the time, says a beautiful poem by Elli Michler. We are living through an exponential phase of history, with many of us choking on a feeling of continuous acceleration. Very few organisations feel they have enough time for doing what is needed, let alone for becoming what is best. Even worse, most of the people I know feel overwhelmed with the pressure of things to cope with and frustrated by the impossibility of devoting enough time to what matters to them.

It is the flip side of an era in which access to information, resources, people is at our fingertips. It’s the effect of open possibilities, interconnection and volatility. Well beyond the “performance” pressure described by John Hagel, it’s the pressure of our soul to live, balancing the inner space. Like children in a candy shop, we need to learn how not to be information bulimic, workaholic, travel addicted. How to be free from these things. To detach. To disconnect.

Life is rhythm, and rhythm is pause as much as beat. We need to open and protect the space for us to breathe, to listen, to taste, to understand how reality continuously speaks and shows us its emergence. Let’s just remember that our life is what we make of our time. Let’s realize we all have the same time every day, the same 24 hours that sufficed people like Mahatma Gandhi or Marie Curie to change history.

A Cuban saying goes “hay mas tiempo que vida” (there is more time than life). So I wish us the time. With the words of Elli Michler, “I wish you the time to reach for the stars, and the time to grow, that means to mature. I wish you the time to hope anew and to love”.


This article was first published in our Cocooners N° 2


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