Cocoon projects - per chi ha idee innovative

For innovative ideas.

An idea to us is just 1% of the possible result.
And at the same time it’s the 1% without which no result can be born.
If you’ve got a great idea, and the bravery to walk all the road down, then you’re in the right place.

Cocoon Projects is based on the Lean Management and Open Collaboration principles. And this is the first dowry we bring to you’re idea: agility and speed.

We’re at you’re side to test it and stress it, to see if it lives up to the next 9%: verifying its “Vision” on the market, immediately. If you pass it, it will become your life for many months, maybe years. You need to know if it can make it.

Next step? Execution. Ideas that get into this phase, have begun their actual path. They’re projects.
In this phase we’ll bring you strategical, technical and validation skills. Experts in different fields will share the journey with you. Fast iterations, time to market, total engagement. Let’s dance.
First goal: market traction. Then taking you in front of the right investors, ready for it.

Remember: 1% idea, 9% vision, 90% execution.

So contact us, if you need something of the following:

– to have a precise feedback on your idea’s potentiality,
– to carry out early Customer discovery activities, to start in the right direction,
– to define and verify your complete Business Model,
– to learn how to effectively manage the iterative startup process (Lean Startup),
– to gather the right Team and organize it properly,
– to push with the advanced phases of Customer Validation and get prepared to scale up.

The idea stays yours, we’ll have maximum respect for it.
Ask yourself whether you’re actually ready, and then contact us.

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